Sunday 16th February


Out deep in the crowd, hands in the air, mouthing silent 
in tongues talking to spirit guides. Instagram clusters 
upload gurns, caught in the brutal flash of branded phones. 
The rhythm of bodies writhe in joy, crowds part for bearded 
boys pushing foaming beers sheathed in plastic. Empty paper 
cups flung into the light above our heads, disappear into 
the canaille. The earth spits at the sky.
Wild energy, abandoned to the beat, pinned to the stage 
with light. Hair and sweat, and corkscrew limbs unleashed 
and unreserved describe fabulous arcs from left to right 
and back and back and back. Nothing conforming, following 
unfettered threads, colliding incandescence. The funk, 
the cycling looped guitars, Afrobeat and Rave.
Everything sounds like home, we catch each other’s eye 
in glancing smiles, fuelled in the presence of passion. 
Then we all met in the bar for hugs and laughs. 
Took the long walk out the back between the salt of the earth.
Truck drivers and hi-vz security greeting, waving us goodnight, 
point the way home. Turned on the radio, flipped on the lights, 
tuned into to late night Bob. Tinariwen and John Lee Hooker, 
the desert and the delta blues and whispering Bob to under score 
safe passage back to Essex.

2 thoughts on “Sunday 16th February

  1. Then we all met in the bar for hugs and laughs….

    Yes, that was my wishful thinking last time I saw you.
    I love this video and the interview and still hope to see more…
    Is it just another wishful thinking?

  2. I was hoping you were there on Friday so that I would bump into you and explain I only got into the Foals after you played a tune on an underworldlive radio show many years ago!

    Your review is very poetic (of course). My review is something like….”that rocked!!”.

    Speaking of underworldlive….surely time for another ally pally show!?

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