6 thoughts on “Saturday 14th November

  1. No words Karl for the horror man inflicts upon man. The world stands shoulder to shoulder with Paris, we know the impact and how it feels. Terror shall never defeat those with a brave heart. Love and light to all the UW folks.

  2. True words as usual, Karen. Seconded.

    I hope you’ll forgive the digression, but today’s photo reminded me of my favorite record cover: Peter Saville’s image for New Order’s “True Faith.” Song and artwork both speak to me of serendipity, of transience, and the sense that it’s worth keeping on anyway. And as they do here, these things tend to resonate in UW’s work as well. So I wish everyone a little true faith today.

  3. Yes, I feel with you. Sad to say, but some days I’m happy I don’t have children.
    This primitive jungle madness seems never find an end.
    Happy at least I found some good people here.
    Take care of the goodness, it have to win as I learned.

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