Sunday 10th January



I keep three radios in the bathroom, each tuned to a different
station. The first is tuned to 5Live, it’s been my go-to station
for years. The conversation is fast, informed & balances the
daily dark-stuff with some intelligent irreverence. The Second
is tuned to Radio 4, a station that never goes on in the week
before 9am, a period when the obsession with horror & dark-stuff
rains supreme. After 9am it’s my favourite daytime station, but
never before nine in the week! The third radio I’ve started tuning
to BBC Radio 2. This is my new pre 9am go-to station weekdays,
since I stumbled on Chris Evans’ relentless positivity. The music
mostly doesn’t do it, but Chris’s delivery dispels all darkness,
the perfect antidote to a head like mine pre porridge.

This morning, I tried radio 4. The choirs of the morning service
make a sound I like, but not this morning – ‘click’. I didn’t feel
like a round-up of weekend sport, so I passed over 5Live & turned
on the radio tuned to 2. Instantly Nina Simone starts singing,
‘Here Comes The Sun’ – Bingo! Blackdog gone.


10 thoughts on “Sunday 10th January

  1. Über die jung’s aus dem hause passion musik (wo ich den einen finde),ist zu lesen,die seien “zu geil um sie im keller zu verstecken”. Da bin ich über a nettes kompliment gestolpert,am rande des neuen morgen aber verkneif mir besser nach etwaigen kellerleichen zu fragen-meiner erfahrung nach verläuft sowas immer schmerzhaft,so oder anders.

  2. Welcome to Radio 2! :-D…I do like Chris Evans in the morning(unless he yips on about Top Gear)…Liza Tarbuck .Graham Norton,Paul O’ Grady,and Johnny Walker(sounds of the 70’s) at the weekends …i like the humour especially Liza and a light hearted laugh a minute is a good dose of medicine for me…anyhoo…love Nina Simone and all her songs…i recommend “What Happened Miss Simone” movie if anyone has not yet seen it…quite a story ….

  3. It’s Young Americans in the disc player now. Blackstar will be for another time. “Somebody lied, but I say it’s hip to be alive.” Damn. Forget “plastic soul,” that’s just soul. Thank you, Mr. Bowie.

  4. Getting so that I no longer want to turn on the news, my musical soul being slowly drained from me. The last few weeks have been brutal and feels relentless.

  5. Als lampenbauer hab ich getan was ich tun mußte,bei mir feuert schon die blackstarlamp zur warmen lichten begleitung…cause,
    -i’m the candle in all man…-

  6. Did not know he was ill and was about to die.
    Last weekend I watched his Blackstar video and read the lyrics & thought… What is this? Who is he singing about? MJ came to my mind, although he was everything but black at the end.

    Cousin Max will be very sad. He loved him very much, even released an album – Kiss You in the Rain – Max Lorentz sings David Bowie.
    What a coincidence…

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