Tuesday 17th May



Walked along the seafront of a town I love on the wrong side of
the estuary. Woke to the sound of surf & gulls, no one on the
streets, not even road sweepers. The hotel breakfast didn’t cut
it, I could feel a grump coming on, let my feet take me up the
street in the sun, they never let me down. Found a coffee chain
that serves porridge & tea, found a table in the window & wrote
the rhythm of people. The speaker in the corner of the room
pumped pure distortion, songs were barely audible, the 70’s
crackled through a fog of fuzz. At the table underneath it sat
a monk in purple robes, shaved head, serene, surrounded by books
& cappuccino. Every now & then he’d recognise a tune, stop
& hum along.


12 thoughts on “Tuesday 17th May

  1. Hi Karl – not sure how to contact you so hope you don’t mind me writing here. The most surprising thing I heard on the radio last year was you commenting on Clifford T Ward. You said something like ‘whenever I write some new music my benchmark, my point of reference, is Clifford T Ward, I wonder what he would have done with this piece’. Could hardly believe it when I heard it. But now I’m reading ‘Bittersweet’ and understand.
    Are you doing another BBC6 show sometime soon? Your last one was so eclectic and unexpected. Would you consider playing a Clifford song? I find his music becomes more moving and relevant to me with each year. It would be great if some of his lesser known songs get an airing.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. I’m pretty fond of Whitstable too. Eeked out precious time with my girls today and did that very same walk. Dipped my toes in the sea, the hot pebbles beneath my feet made me squeal. An hour on the slip road to the tunnel then a clear M25, not for the other side though that was backed up to the M11 poor souls.

  3. Mit dem m25 kann man die liebe erschießen.
    Mit der m11 kann sich die liebe selbst erschießen,
    wenn sie unter der arschgeburt mit der m25 zu leiden hat.

  4. ..aber jetzt wieder zu den angenehmen dingen im leben,wo waren wir stehen
    geblieben-ach ja,kussen ind essen.
    Heute hätte ich gerne-hand auf’s herz-hand auf haut.Wie himmel und erde.
    Frisch im bett,guten morgen.

  5. Du solltest besser suf deine töchter audpassen karen,weist ja sind böse onkels unterwegs of da wellet-playing dirty game’s.

  6. Die frösche aus der nachbarschaft haben wohl nicht mehr viel zu quaken,wenn ich mal nicht da bin…
    aber gleich geht es ja wieder heimwärts!-)

  7. well ,i was going to comment on the lovely vision of the monk humming along :)…though reading through the comments there is something a bit sinister going on…,Karen…great you got a grand day out with your girls :-)…boo about your traffic jam though! The comments form S as i’ve said before…ignore :-*

    • It was a lovely day, Dartford tunnel always bad but chronic yesterday. The tune was fitting for the journey. I can’t fathom monks in Whitstable but I like it, and isn’t that a beautiful Orchid.

      • Ha…Yes indeed, very fitting tune 😁… Gorgeous orchid, they always are 😊

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