Saturday 28th May



Visited the Victoria Miro gallery in Angel for the Yayoi Kusama
exhibition of mirrored rooms, sculptures & paintings with eldest
daughter who had helped cast the giant metal pumpkins last year
when she worked at the AB Fine Art Foundry on Bow. I’ve been
struck by these mirrored rooms since I was a teen, a student at
Cardiff Art College as they were the closest representation to
the inside of my head at the time. Then we caught the train to
Camden to spend hours with Martin & John at the Bass Gallery,
sifting through P basses & new rigs for the daughter, so she
can finely break free from using dad’s gear. Though she’s a
fabulous guitarist, bass is her place in the band & she has a
clear vision of how it should sound. We tried every P bass in
the shop & left happy she’d found exactly what she wanted,
both of us blown away by the generosity of the guys who gave
of their precious time help another youngster start right.
I can’t tell you how impressed I am by the Bass Gallery & if
bass is your thing or you just want to talk motorcycles I
recommend a visit.

Rode another stinking train home, remembering to re-hydrate all
the way, so not too trashed when we reached the sanctuary of
Essex in bloom.


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