Wednesday 29th June



At the dark & lonely breakfast there’s an old blonde in a
Hard Rock t-shirt sat alone at a table. She’s cuts something
vigorously, scanning the room hopefully. Across the road,
sculls & crossbones dance in the window of a bleak building.
Old people laugh at each other’s jokes.
There’s nothing appetising on the buffet. I improvise with a
pile of seed, but where’s the milk & which of these buttons
do you press for hot water? All the chairs are silver & brown
velveteen. All the tables are fake marble & chrome.
The old blonde acquires an old grey geezer in leather trousers.
No one greets me or asks for my number. I’m left to drift around
the buffet, dazed, ignored, avoided, except for the woman
in the little white linen hat & crisp kitchen apron who smiles
at me from behind the pancakes. They glow, rosy & inviting,
warming under heat lamps, wrapped in blankets.
I find a quiet table near a window, craving light. A chandelier
of Brown hangs in the centre of the room dripping in fake Brown
jewels, a memory of a time I’d rather forget. Lilies explode
from a crack in an aggressive piece of pottery blocking what little
light tries to limp in through my window. I stab a slice of fruit,
wake up my mouth with the first hit of juice, delivered on the
prongs of a ragged silver fork.
The old blonde & her guy talk to each other in sign language.
A bloke appears & clears my debris in a language I don’t understand.
Head bowed, eyes down, from a long way out of town. A phone rings
like a strummed guitar. There is no music, only random violent noises
from the kitchen drummers. The salt & pepper eye each other with
hard stares. The tooth picks huddle together in fear. A cold white
knife lies alone on a cold white plate dreaming of somewhere else.


7 thoughts on “Wednesday 29th June

  1. How many shared things?
    Chairs, cutlery, crockery…
    Mattresses, pillows, blankets…
    Bed heads, bugs, dead skin cells…

    Atleast ye ain’t a toothpick*

  2. Breakfast at bleak house, sounds like a place behind the iron curtain. Quite possibly the most dejected diary entry I’ve ever read of yours. Chin up kidda 😇

  3. Dear karl,i miss you in the blogroll from the neighbourhood,aren’t you not well enough for them?Now,,it’s a to much fine company,realy…
    (-:but,don’t be anger of that,you are not alone-all what i ever wrote there,was away
    before anyone could read it.)
    And when i learnt them knowen in reality they where nothing as miserabely layer.

  4. Would like to be at cologne or a special event-it has a good date!
    But you could jump too to me throug the skyhole or…

  5. Letzte tage sah ich meine freund enone fliegen zu einem schlößchen van den mark.
    Das mitgefühl für den fall julia s,kann nicht echter sein als das medienmärchen selbst.Echt is nur das schreiende baby [email protected] der käseglocke isoliert und auf dem schirm zu begaffen.Will das nicht mal jemand etwas füttern und liebhaben,
    so richtig meine ich,von mensch zu mensch,so das das baby auch was davon hat?

    Der politiker Burkhart Hirsch sagt eine einfache wahrheit:
    Wo man sich in einem land,als unbescholtener mensch belauscht fühlen muß,

    lebt man nicht mehr

    in einer demokratie

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