Thursday 14th July



Screamer, waiting for the lock, the door to open early.
Cold wind down the back of the neck, standing in doorways.


Bunch of keys swinging off a tiny back pack. Tiny black something
animal following behind, leaves it’s marker, a scented trail on
doorposts down the street of locks.


Puffed up manly, glimpsed up alleys, brazen tool belt swinging.
Black & Blue.


3 thoughts on “Thursday 14th July

  1. Lovely day, my daughter’s graduation in Canterbury cathedral. All the bright young things, the acoustics in there quite possibly the best I’ve ever heard. High vaulted ceilings and the quality of stone masonry really quite superb. I can recommend a visit if you’ve never been. It’s really quite amazing when you consider the tools they had back then. Unforgettable memories made and never to be forgotten.

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