Saturday 23rd July



Back home dazed stumbled out the bus into morning sunlight
clutching bags & hanging wardrobes & things on wheels whose
guttural grumbling grate upon the fragile ear of one so newly
born from it’s bunk. The weird dreams, the mouth dried in the
howl of A/C, the throat clogged with words unborn, the water
bottle jammed into a corner between the mattress & the wall,
brief nocturnal lubrications, first aid placations stave off
an inevitable damage that would render this voice useless,
a band without a mouth, a black hole with teeth, mute dancer,
go-go boy, podium wiggler, nothing.

Remember where you parked the car, the letter, the number.
Discover you can only exit or pay to get in then out again.
Let it go, laugh, remember twenty years ago.
Cool air, window down, elbow out. Drive between avenues of
green & green & green, Summer at it’s best, hallelujah light,
a boost, a lift, a free gift before the heat kicks in.

Today listening to Worriedaboutsatan – ‘Even Temper


2 thoughts on “Saturday 23rd July

  1. Arduous journey ohm, multiple variable speed limits and 50% fried by the Sun like two face. Jodrell was magical, filled with passionate young scientists. Twas nice to share my own passion for the Universe with them and get to ask questions, I’ve always been a why child. A 350 mile round trip I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks for a great night it was more than fabulous.

  2. Thank you Karl for the heads up on Worriedaboutsatan I don’t know how they escaped my radar but what a glorious find 🙂 Influenced by Autechre perhaps but a great aural pleasure never the less.

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