Sunday 14th August



In a tight summer dress, pink & white hoops, circus animal.
Head down, ashamed, watered, walked & fed, entertains,
provoking laughter. The click of the master’s camera,
fingers point, steps back grinning, keep walking.

Everybody Sunday drifting, coach parties & ice cream cone fists,
sulphur at the shrine. Ring the bell, toss the coin, bow, copper,
aluminium, iron. Immersed up to the knees in heeling waters,
leaves satisfied, accomplished, satellite cloud bus, air-con,
toilet, tv.

The river whispers in a black cut at the bottom of the valley.
Night, a voice at the end of it’s shift, walking home alone,
casually hands concealed in pockets swings, sings love songs
to the river, it starts to rain.

Look, a tooth-pick points this way, a cigarette butt points East –
a sign!

Patti Smith – ‘Beneath The southern Cross’


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