Friday 7th October



A yellow-faced snake slides out from a dirty wall.
A china-faced girl walks like a doll.
Cranes carve arcs overhead, hooks baited with brutal concrete.
Re-imaged theatres breath through curvaceous silver tubes.
Old buildings eaten alive by Elder.
A stadium.
A church.
A Cathedral.
A tribe defined by colours.
A box container jungle.
A footbridge bridge of rusting Victoriana.
Weeds & steel.
We’ve arrived!


2 thoughts on “Friday 7th October

  1. It’s all about boxes
    No straight lines in nature
    Unnatural surroundings
    Save for the trees
    Cleaning the air
    I live in a box, within a box
    Russian doll box homes, offices
    Would prefer round Hobbit house
    I already have the feet!

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