7 thoughts on “Sunday 6th November

  1. Aretha’s vocals are a dream. Dogbotoy’s a triumph Karl, I’m really enjoying it. My sister used to tell me stories too of the horror films she had just been to see. I never tild her she made me scared of the dark.

  2. My sister used to creep out of bed in the dark and peel my eyes open or pounce on my feet when i was sleeping…i’m not scared of the dark though…aaah the joys of sisters 😀

  3. A few moments of quiet Sunday morning air gave me a moment to breathe and open my “I Am Dogboy” package I received last week. I very rarely write or comment… but I wanted to say thank you for your beautiful work…it has inspired me, kept me going, and more importantly…stay focused day by day. Again thank you Karl for all your talents that you share…your music, poetry, photography, and art are nothing short of amazing and very much appreciated.


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