Thursday 10th November



Who did your make-up this morning? I mean, where did that concept
come from? Caramelo breathing, ushers winter in with a gentle hand.
Graduate in the garden sniffing. The news was slipped under the door
by unseen hands, whilst the world was sleeping, actually lying
awake in the dark pretending to be jet-lagged.

How many times have you been here?
How did you come to find this place?
Where are you from?
Why are you here?
Very bad,

Snow moon & flowers in a quiet state of mind, waiting for release.
Did you come through the sky? Were you shocked by the news?
Did you answer all the questions? Where are you going now?


5 thoughts on “Thursday 10th November

  1. And again, so many questions. Now, i will try to answer. Sequentially:
    Love with all senses and learning by doing.

    Countless times but three times – with you.
    In your inner space with attentively.
    Psst. You know it!
    To match your mental balance.

    Sure, but shocked about the timing…
    We will see.

    • Hello Karl hope you landed safe.I’m having a few debates on whether you recieve this message I did try message you after your Glastonbury gig wien I I had the best reminiscence of the last time I went which was either 17/18/or perhaps 19 yrs ago can’t quite remember but remember it was always the best story that you couldn’t even make up one of them many happy times back in the day. this year I managed to get in to the hideaway wigwam field echo 24 receiving. funnily enoughI remembered it like yesterday a fucking mad week of happiness and stuck in the mud. Our shifts changed and was chuffed as could come see you and was sososo happy you made my Glastonbury you waved at me do you remember??!?

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