Friday 11th November



People look weird, wired, jerk around, making faces with no story,
no explanation, but doing it anyway. Hidden motives revealed in a
silent world. It’s all in the eyes, without the distraction of mouths.
It’s all in the eyes & whilst I’m on the subject, may I add, you
better watch out for the hands, busy undercover of overtime mouths.
Everything’s simple with the sound off, people look weird, wired,
motives on sleeves. Body language loud & clear, stay right where
you are, not here. Hear nothing, see everything, hands getting busy
under the cover of words.

There But For The Grace Of God


3 thoughts on “Friday 11th November

  1. There’s a sweet young couple standing on Clark St. in Chicago right now, cold night but warm smiles, offering hugs because they felt “people needed them” post-election. I almost walked into them on my way home from the bus, hunched in my thoughts as I was. Thought they deserved a mention in your log of serendipity. 🙂

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