Tuesday 13th December



Chocolate Fingers,
Custard Creams,
Did you hear the rain last night?,

Utopia with a fist,
the wreckage & the road between us,

We get around,
We get around,
We come a long way no secrets,

You & me,
stand out in the rain,

The bitter words,
The broken glass & razor wire,

Set me to Zero,
Set me to Zero in the rain,

Sky falls on us,

The hiss of cars,
No stars,
No runaway romance,

You’re sleeping upstairs,
Behind the flicker of your eyes,
Do you remember your dreams?

How did we end up like this?,
Now I’m laughing in rain,
We were just too busy,
To do anything,
But keep moving.

Listening to Nigerian Funk again


4 thoughts on “Tuesday 13th December

  1. wenn in zwei wochen alles vorbei ist,was jemanden außer weihnachten noch so depremiert,das wär schon ok.
    leben deine eltern noch,deine mutter…

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