Tuesday 20th December



Sing the names of strangers,
Get random,
Thank everyone,
Time comes to an end,

Was it good for you?
Was it beautiful?
Did it hold your hand in fur boots?
Did it sit behind glass watching the world?
Did it walk in slow & cautious?
Did it splash the cash?
Did it turn around to see who’s watching?
Pockets full of good news,
Leave ink on your fingers,
A mouth full of history & headlines.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday 20th December

  1. Everything is only for a time
    We don’t realise until its over
    Dusty, crumbling memories
    Creaky joints, wiggly grey hairs
    60 year old raver
    What’s that about?
    Don’t know, don’t care
    Just luvin’ it.

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