Wednesday 21st December



I’m writing this to yesterday, now it’s today, you’re future.
To you, I realise this is today, though in fact it’s yesterday & I
am in tomorrow. This may come as a shock to you (I’m sorry) & had I
not forgotten to post it to you yesterday this message would have
reached you today, a dilemma no doubt born out of my forgetfulness.
What you read here are words sent back from the future, a time
when the place you are living in is ‘yesterday. I am clearly living
in ‘today’, your future, a place I can tell you nothing about in case
you use the information to change stuff. As this could have terrible
consequences I’ll limit descriptions of the future to confirming it’s
existence. Today’s diary entry comes back in time to you wrapped in
an apology for not sending it when I should have (before midnight),
when it was still called ‘today’, the time you mistakenly believe
to be the present. Now I’m writing to you from the actual ‘today’
(a place you will one day be) & this yesterday place is where you
are reading my message. So, it is with absolute certainty that I
have to inform you that you are either living in the past or have
travelled back in time. Either fact is fantastic.


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