Monday 30th January



A woman with a grinning fist,
Wants me to sign up to a gym,
Dressed in Orange,
The new Black,
Fresh glass,
Under the bridge,

Come in,
We’re open,
Food dancing,
Freshly ground,
Looking for landmarks,

Rub your face with fingers,
Catch a glimpse,
Look away,
Waiting for the lights to change,
Numbers counting down from 13,

Street sweepers miss corners,
What’s the solution?
Dirt evolution,
I miss you,

Demolition in progress,
It’s alright,
It was meant to happen,
A Yellow plastic child’s windmill,
Tied to a railing,

Bell ringers,
Marking the hours,

Standing at the shoreline,
A break in the clouds,
Seagulls calling,
Fall to Earth,
Counting footprints,

Husky is White,
Husky is small,
Husky is floating,
Ringed in rubber,
Putting metal to sleep,
On the riverbed,
White arrow,
Blue circle,
Half way to Heaven.


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