Tuesday 7th February



I’m sat here,
In a bar,
Waiting for a friend,
Introduced by fate,

A man is laughing at a machine,
His face illuminated by it’s soporific glow,
Wires disappear into his ears,
Perhaps he’s talking to no one,

A woman sits in shadow,
She makes the shadows beautiful,
Talking to a man still as stone,
All I see are teeth & eyes when she smiles,

The Blues is playing in the background,
But not the authentic stuff,
There’s a stuffed Pink flamingo in the window,
Behind the head of the woman of eyes & teeth,

Outside it’s raining,
On a square of Green,
Illuminated by windows,
Granite, glass & steel,

The bar fills with tired suits,
Tired faces,
The woman with the teeth & eyes says loud above the Blues,
“But it’s a really BIG network!”


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