Tuesday 21st February



So I drive back Home,
As in ‘where I was born’,
There’s no space in the supermarket carpark,
So I drop the folks off to shop,
Drive around the block,
Park up in my mates yard,
I come from a town where everybody can fix cars,
Except me,
“Bloody ‘ell!” he exclaims as I wander in between the ramps,
A little Blue Renault,
A fifties Vanguard,
Tools & the rich aroma of oil & rubber,
May not be in my blood but makes me feels good,
He wipes his hand with a rag,
We shake hands,
“Great to see you, I’m still not over this bloody Flu!”,

Sorry the diary didn’t reach you on time,
And the rehearsal never took place,
And that food you cooked never got eaten,
And I never answered all your calls or mails,
Spent the last twenty four hours horizontal,
Sleeping off this Bloody Flu,

If you see me,
Don’t shake my hand.


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