Tuesday 21st March


Silent couple,
Mumble breakfast,
Slivers of sunlight,
Thimble bowls of seed & milk of human kindness,
Porridges of fancy things,
Slim selections of pastries in towers,
Three kinds of juices in hand blown glass jugs,
A tray of regimented bacon pointing to magnetic north,
An offering of eggs,
A meadow of mushrooms,
Tiny pats of butter for doll’s houses,
Teas from all over the world,
Brought to tables in presentation boxes,
Served in glass cups with little porcelain roofs,
Filled with hot,
But not boiling,
Museum of the morning,
Mausoleum to joy


5 thoughts on “Tuesday 21st March

  1. tut mir leid… ich hatte was geschrieben, gestatte mir aber das versenden nicht. Ich gestatte mir noch nicht mal, dir zu sagen warum das so ist.

    wahnsinnig traurig.

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