Sunday 26th March


The woman in the elevator has only one wing,
Staggers down the corridor,
Exaggerated slink,
In a little Black thing & heels,
Up all night,
Hair’s a mess,
“Hey!” she says,
“What’s going on?!”,
Catching our reflections in a mirror,

What’s become of her?
I look away,
Put distance between us,
Does she make it?

The waiter is in the wrong place,
Wrong time,
“Nothing” he says with practised disdain,
Crossing to the check-in,
To check out a guest,
Who tipped him at breakfast,

The waiter wont believe I can pay the bill,
For a $17 bowl of oatmeal,
He looks at me like I’m a criminal,
As the car crash woman dances out the door,
To the music of tyres & car horns,
Good game,
Keep walking


2 thoughts on “Sunday 26th March

  1. ich schreibe morgen
    von einer Position
    an alle
    das hier bringt doch so nichts mehr
    kein Wunder, dass ich nicht mehr alle Tassen im Schrank habe :/

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