Monday 10th April


Back scratcher at the bus stop,
Karangahape road,

Smiling runner keeps running,
Never stops,
Mission Heights 500,

Super Shuttle,
Drop me off,
The corner will do,

Painted Arrow,
Black Stick,
Black Can,
Black Tape X on a running leg,

Lava rock,
Sleeping rough,

Five dollar parking,
Barbed wire dragonfly,

Atomic brick house,
City eye,


The kiss,
The light,

A plastic bag resting in a flowerbed,

Hand painted jacket boy,
Waits at the bus stop,
Thinks he looks great,
And for a fleeting second,

Phantom bill sticker,
Tow away zone,
A plastic bag tied to railings,
Dancing in breeze & sunlight,

Hope rises,
A paper plate gets a tan at the side of the road,
A weeping wall exudes ghetto fudge,
A plastic bottle lies down,
In sun,
In shadow,
In the garden,

Two paper cups kiss,
One paper King watches,
A can & a bottle make forbidden union in the gutter,

The mountain will eat it’s self,
Look away,


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