Thursday 20th April


Bla Bla Bla,
Higher by degrees,

Alright mate,
Got religious robes in the corner,

You’re a tentative person,
You look better,

You only just got in,

I got to go in a minute,
By bus,
By walking,

Hot wire,
At the end of the road,

Buy a bone,
Happy as a new car,

You’re right,
Team in a minute,

Now you’re askin’,
Move on,
Waitin’ for love,
I mean,
You’re just waitin’,

Ahhh come on,
If you paint me,
I’d love it


5 thoughts on “Thursday 20th April

  1. Since the terror attack here in Stockholm the worldly meat & blood focus culminated in our family to a level where my spirituality just drying out.
    I can live life with art only for hobby but too much cortisol and reptile brain activity are indeed not my cup of tea.

    God bless the arts!
    Hope I will find my way back someday.

    • You seem to know your neuroscience 🙂 so breath deeply > neurons spy on your breathing patterns to decide how much cortisol to engage. Breathing deeply really does trick the brain into deciding that all is good & calm prevails..’s the only way to cope with London Underground at rush hour.. 🙂

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