Friday 26th May


The tube train driver says,
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde,
As we pull into Hyde Park Corner,
I wonder,
Is he fabulous,
Or off his nut,
Sound fabulous.

He says,
Beware pick pockets, subject to contract,
Before you disappear and go your own ways mind the gap,
The next one will be S K,
South Korea,
Platform to my left,
Please take your accoutrement with you.

Next two platforms,
Both to my right,
They both have lifts,
Doctor foster went to Gloucester.

A woman with a complexion like dust closes her eyes,
Duke of Earl you can’t believe it,
As from now all platforms will be to my left until further notice,
West bound service
North fields
North fields
See the sky

Next station,
One lift,
Next station,
Bus station,
Stroke tennis
Town hall,
Magistrates office etc.

MC Hammer,
Hammer time fantastic,
Smells like another country


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