Saturday 3rd June


Smoking lobster,
Move inside,
The line,
The circle,

Sweet rust the negative,
White words,
Weed free,
Clean crack,
My concrete star



7 thoughts on “Saturday 3rd June

    • I hoped you’d be dancing at UW tonight (remembered your ‘too much cortisol’ post after the terror attack in Stockholm)

      Then in a dreadful synchrony the sirens began here….

      By 4am after the attack, an eerie silence on Borough high St (London Bridge)
      Lock down.
      A lack of traffic noise is a creepy thing on a street that never sleeps

      5am. A slow thud. a giant heartbeat
      Police look puzzled

      I recognise the enormous sound system in the squat across the road.

      A Defiant, furious kick-drum

      • It was indeed a different concert – late night thecho with start at 01:30, arranged in an old Slaughterhouse.

        Did not know about the London attack until the next morning.
        I´m very sorry for you guys, I´m very sorry for Europe & our Earth in general.

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