Wednesday 7th June


It’s Green & fast,
Red with numbers,
Numbers with cameras,
Red with electric,
Black with wires,
Yellow with stones,
Wet with lilies,
Broken with ivy,
White with metal,
Blue with arrows,
Fabulous with rain,
Black with patience,
White with flowers,
Fast with horns,
Tall with wood,
Green with silence,
Black with complaints,
White with names,
Peach with windows,
Glass with empty,
Wet with fingers,
Wet with circles,
Purple with exaltation,
Fast with shadows,
Slow with twigs,
Blue with bottles,
Black with bicycles,
Blue with eyes,
Red with walking,
Yellow with standing,
Wet with metal,
Wet with rubber,
Sneezing with fingers,
Open with courtesy,
Black with shaking,
Spots with sheltering,
Blonde with looking,
Money concealing,
Orange snaking,
Naked elation,
Gathered in threes,
Small & perfect,
Dirty & abandoned,
Zinc & sheer,
Green & rhythm,
Red on a weekend,
Floating messages,
Silent time,
Silver concealed,
Wet forever,
Stacked in Blue,
Silence in towers,
Walking conscious,
Leaving slowly,
Speaking electric,
Floating invitation,
Weeping willow,
Alone unshaven,
Alone with messages,
Standing stone,
Red with brick,
Metal with rhythm



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