Tuesday 13th June


Can I sit next to you?
Do you mind moving your bag?
Talk to me in French until the next stop,

I don’t know you,
I don’t like your footwear,
Your taste is alarming,

We say goodbye,
It’s a good thing,
It’s later than I wanted,

I’ve got a slow puncture,
I left it in the carpark,
Low on petrol,
Under a tree,

I made two phonecalls,
I bought a ticket,
I saw the news,
I punched the air,

Now everything is different,
It’s a good thing



2 thoughts on “Tuesday 13th June

  1. Poem for Karl

    Decision decisions , where to sit?
    Provision provisions , there coming in quick
    “Bus rides not what is was” “Back in the day”
    Should I or shan’t I, think of Point, something to say?

    Provision decision, Three two and one
    “It’s such a nice change to be in the Sun”
    Sit back for life story as Knuckles turn white
    Communication disintegration can be a fright

    Remember remember So lucky to breath
    Tender so tender, Just sway in the trees
    Chas to Karl

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