Tuesday 11th July


18:00 – close street poem – thank the team – walk home
18:15 – drifting
18:30 – home – wash – watch anything on tv to turn the head off
19:00 – going down with something flu-like
19:01 – decide to go out, get food & air – see some world – write
19:02 – shower – change – scrub-up good
19:50 – leave flat – joke with reception I scrub-up good
19:51 – phone homehome
20:10 – bump into Charles I met last week selling the Big Issue
20:15 – Invite Charles to meet the Street Poem team
20:20 – Charles tells me his dog is called Monty
20:21 – I tell him my Granddad Charles dog was called Monty
20:22 – we both tear up
20:23 – he promises to come to the Street Poem
20:23 – I promise to have the kettle on
20:24 – wander the street until I find food that invites me in
19:37 – home – watch tv to feed my head
23:40 – bed
07:30 – alarm
07:35 – shower – dress – tune into 6music
07:45 – make porridge – reply to emails & texts – take phone calls
08:01 – plan day – write diary
09:05 – leave – walk in the rain


3 thoughts on “Tuesday 11th July

  1. Liking the diary, Karl, but it’d be good to know more about the music you listen to. You sometimes say, and it’s always led me to new discoveries.

  2. Ah homeless-spätestens da erinnere ich mich und weiss ich,bin wieder angekommen,bei den alltäglichen bedrohungen…
    aber seh ich nich knusprig dabei aus,in dieser salzgewaschenen von der mediteranen sonne geküssten haut?

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