Thursday 13th July


Today’s the last day I’ll be at UNFEAR,
Oldham Street,
Northern Quarter,
Broadcast on the BBC,
Visited by thousands,
Paint permanently under nails,
Down the back,
Up the front,
Scrubs-up well at the end of play,
Finds a new route to work every day,
The sun,
The rain,
The hand shakes,
The smiles,
Head nods,
Head shakes,
The shock,
The recognition,
The surprise,
The realisation,
A meeting place,
Greeting place,
A gathering place,
Safe space,
Chill-out zone,
A clearing,

Emerge from an alley,
Photograph the street,
The rhythm,
The people,
Walk in,
Shaking hands,
Hand over the sacred music,
Press PLAY,
Mix paint,
Engage another story,
A face in a photograph,
A name,
A life,
A journey,


Mine’s a black tea,
Sour dough toast,
And marmalade,
Never alone again

3 thoughts on “Thursday 13th July

  1. My voice was shaky trying not to cry when you listened to my story as a mum of a boy/man who has lost years of his precious life living on the streets. Thank you for listening and telling me there is hope when he is ready. Peace:)

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