Sunday 16th July


This is the missing Sunday Diary entry,
What happened to it is hard to tell,
Perhaps exhaustion from two months of Fatherland,
Or nine days of Street Poem,
Late nights,
Hand shakes,
Head nods,
Walking through the streets of Manchester,
Living on a thin wire of connections,
Eating irregularly,
Being handed bottles of water frequently,
Told to ‘drink’,
Asked if I’ve eaten,
And what,
Handed bananas & nuts,
Hitting deadlines,
And lifelines,
Answering calls,
And texts,
And questions,
Pointing enquiries in the right direction,
Making connections,
Swerving distractions,
Trying not the ‘think’,
Remembering to disengage the atheistic head,
Craving company,
Always travelling,
Arriving in bits,
To be re-assembled when all materials are on site,
Signing off,
Shutting down,
Crashing but not burning,
Re-emerging as something someone might want to holiday with


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