Sunday 20th August



Electricity casts a shadow,
Houses hide in trees,
Words dance on the sides of freight containers quietly parked,

Silent son of York,
Wheels in the sky,
Don’t spin on Sunday mornings,
Platforms remain empty,

Come sit next to me,
As shadows cast themselves across tarmac,
Under tin roofs,
Counter-weights & wires & pick up keys,

A cold chill shelter in a glass box facing north,
Sweeps the sky with an old broom,
What dress are you wearing?
A wall of tires,
Snowploughs parked in summer,

Looks at me across the isle with eyes beneath balloons,
And Blue,
Is that you?
Swordfish spoon,
Push the button,

Digger digs a hole,
A joke,
A good one,
Tell us another one,
Warning leaves slowly,
Arrives carefully,
Daddy don’t know nothing


3 thoughts on “Sunday 20th August

  1. Gerade haben mir welche gezeigt wie viele platten sie im schrank haben und wie sie die listen,dafür wurden sogar die tassen ausgeräumt und jetzt warten die schon auf nicolaus.selten schön!

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