Friday 25th August


Woke behind the wheel, 
To see a concourse fox, 
Slink across New Inn Broadway,  

A quilted woman walking two Black dogs, 
Was stalked by an inanimate man, 

A fat White dog, 
And creeps that rang the bell of a door in a wall of an alley,
Disappeared inside, 

A bed caught it’s breath on the outside, 
Lent against a wall,
Waiting for trade, 
For love, 

A cartoon hitchhiker accepted a lift, 
From a cartoon lorry, 
At the centre of a cartoon universe,

Plastic ducks kissed,
Pasted to a wall,

Vanity promised love & sanctuary,

The concourse fox returned, 
Stone dog perfect, 
Sniffed my wheels, 
Whilst I was sleeping, 
Woken by a drunk girl screaming, 
“Oh I think you’re so funny! I’m a real fan!” 



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