Saturday 30th December


When I’m with you I’m a bat Jimmy,
That would be sick Jimmy,
Chill out Jimmy!
Jimmy come early,
This is Phase two Jimmy,
If you wake up all night you get headaches Jimmy,
People call fresh between 6 & 8 Jimmy,
Callers Jimmy,
They’re on you early,
Hello hello Jimmy
Got to ring you back,
Got to ring you back Jimmy,
I have to ring you on your mobile Jimmy,
If it goes dead Jimmy I have to ring you Jimmy,
I had my phone four weeks ago Jimmy,
Still haven’t got a case Jimmy,
Jimmy I didn’t have time to look & I’m still looking Jimmy,
Jimmy they didn’t have one when I bought it,
And I didn’t have time to look,
But I’m still looking,
And I can’t give up hope Jimmy,
And I can’t give in looking Jimmy,
You know what I mean Jimmy?
I’ll phone you nine o’clock in the morning Jimmy,
Jimmy see how you’re doing,
I’ll let you go now Jimmy,
Ok then Jimmy?
I’ll let you go,
Ho ho ho Jimmy,
You still there?


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