Monday 8th January


People are talking about violence on the radio,
Discussing it intellectually,
Dissecting it dispassionately,
Sharing points of view,
The studio is warm & dry & comfortable,
The people sound at  ease,
They don’t sound like they’re in danger,
And the places they’re talking about are far away,
It’s possible that no one,
In those places,
Knows they  are being talked about,
And if they  did,
Would it make them feel safer?

As I listen I make a cup of tea,
Load the car,
And drive to another place,
I assume it’s safe from violence,

As the people talk on the radio,
At the very moment they are talking,
The people they are talking about may be suffering,

The studio is safe,
( I assume),
The place they are discussing is not,
(I imagine),
They are both on the same planet,
(I believe),
Yet at the same time not,
(if you know what I mean),


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