Thursday 25th January


In leaving,
Cleared a space,
For ten pretenders,
None amounting to a tenth of him,
The poetry of burned-out cars,
Beautifully rusting,
Bones exposed in fields,
I never saw them burn,
I never saw him either,
Just heard about it,
Never liked him,
Then I did,
I’m not asking for forgiveness,

I’m going back inside,
And I don’t mean banged-up,
Assailed by cheery greetings,
Awkward questions,
Wallpaper emotions,
In the mourning,
The clearing,

Seeing as I know what you like I should know your name,
There you go,
Thinking fast as a slug,
I swerve,
Rude intrusion,
Getting too familiar,
I should know it too,
But I can’t remember,
Do you get the message?
What’s that station you’re tuned to?


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