Friday 14th June


Imposters in stripy shirts walk in like they own the look,
And maybe they do,
What if I’m the fake?
What if the man who just walked in unnoticed is me?
And I’m not sat at this table,
Writing these words,
What if none of this is happening?
What if I never woke up this morning?


Thursday 13th June


A squealing dog serenades me,
A clean car parks next to me,
I’ll see you later,
I’ll tell you everything,
Though none of it will ever be written or printed,
We will still appear to be Punk and Judy


Tuesday 11th June

BLOCK 1, 2, 3:

Half in sun,
Half in shade,
Do you know how long your hair is?
And how mad your hat is?
And that Silver thing about your lips,
And a crazy-eyed look,
Abandoning a man to his White shirt on wheels