Thursday 23rd Juy


I see a light,
A tower of paper cups,
A coffee machine,
A wooden bowl and a lemon,
Fabulous things cover themselves in chocolate,
Two White porcelain cups wait,
Holding potential,
Two bananas peer over the rim of a bowl,
Watching to see what will happen,
An orange,
Seven grapes,
And three kiwis join them,
Four glasses turn their faces towards the ground,
And everything is still,
And everything is quiet,
Waiting for the thing to happen


Wednesday 22nd July


The first time we met you scared me,
The second time you annoyed me,
The third time I told you about the first time,
It made you sad you said,
You never would have hurt me,
But I told you it wasn’t like that,
The fact that I thought you might actually hurt me was a thrill,
That night I tasted something real for the first time in my life