Tuesday 29th January


There’s a big man,
With a loud mouth,
Talking politics,
And I don’t agree with what he’s saying,
But today I don’t care,
I just want him to shut his mouth & let me write,
Now he’s spouting off about other people,
And the taste of his favourite coffee,
He’s got a theory about everything,
And wants everyone to know,
His theories suck,
The more he speaks the less I like him,
But I like him best of all when he keeps his mouth shut,
I like his dog

(Today I’m listening to: ‘Pet Variations’ by Atomic)


Monday 28th January


I can imagine the young man that the old man used to be,
And still believes he is,
As the squealing of the wheels of the train turn to moaning,
Slowing to arrive,
I stand up,
Look around to make sure I haven’t left anything behind