Karl Hyde has been blogging every day since January 2000 when he first started publishing his ‘daily diary’ through underworldlive.com. The daily diary is a 365 days a year collection of musings, images & links to other artists, authors & musicians.

You can find an archive of the daily diary here

35 thoughts on “About

  1. Karl, Do you remember Le Sport Hotel in St Lucia 15 years ago?
    I went on an itunes journey and found your website! I retire this year. Hope ur well?

  2. I’m so impressed with your discipline of daily blogging. Must read the archives to study your technique. Also, I heard you on NPR today talking about your new record. Kudos!

  3. So, I stumbled across a great review of edgeland. Then another! So having heard about 3 underworld songs I took a punt and bought the deluxe edition of edgeland.
    What has happened since has led me to view the earth, lyrics and my own songwriting differently.
    I couldn’t get enough of edgeland’s visionary, observational lyrics and haunting melodies and then found the perfect diary to feast upon.
    The outer edges has touched me also. A film with great narration and the celebration of the many normal faces we take for granted. My album of the year. My favourite film of the year.
    Thank you

    Karl Hyde

  4. Just wanted to say how much I love the Outer Edges. It has such respect for the people, and also offers interesting space to think about our post industrialised landscape.

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  6. Thanks for the diary. PS there’s a great venue in Leamington Spa called the Assembly, if you’re looking for somewhere to play it’s great (and just down the road from my house). Take it easy.

  7. Hi Karl. I’m part of a creative group in Hull hoping to pull off a theatrical experience based on Hull’s trawler industry. We’re really interested in using the piece you and Rick Smith wrote for 2012 Opening Ceremony “And I Will Kiss”. We would really like to know if there are any formalities we must fulfil in order to use this piece. Could you please contact me so I can elaborate on my request. Kind Regards.

  8. Karl I dont know if you read these but you aare a lifesaver. Your poetry is pure and your music soulful, you have seen me through the darkest times with the range of ambient tranquility to chaotic existential relief. I am attending bluedot this year and it will be my first time seeing you guys; I cannot explain my excitement. As utterly rude and egotistical as it is I just have to find a way of asking you to play Peach Tree or Deep Arch at Jodrell Bank this year, cathartic doesn’t come close to explaining what the experience of hearing those tracks would mean. All the respect in the world and keep on doing what you’re doing. I will make a bastard twitter if thats what it takes to get this request to you, shroud me in aural beauty man, please.

  9. Not sure how I passed this by on my previous forays through the site. This put a big ole smile on my face. Looking forward to your musings. Keep up the weirdness and the positive inspiration, you’ve made a very lasting impression on my life.

    Many Thanks

  10. Hi Karl,
    do you remember me? we met some years ago at the house of Guy & Gerlinde in Bishops Stortford, I’m a German friend, working at an university.

    I do art, my “type paintings” display different kind of texts, like poems, lyrics, quote a s o.
    In the 90ies I was very impressed by an animation Tomato did for a beautiful poem, something like “”when at the speed of morning, another morning grows” or so. I’ve been searching the internet up and down but can’t find the poem. Can you give me hint, how it is called, so that I can find the whole text?

    Thanks! – Hope you’re doing fine!
    Best, Ralf

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