Friday 23rd June


In the back yard,
Drinking sweet & sticky with a rat,
Do you want ice with that?
I can talk German,
I talk to everyone,
To no one,
I clean ashtrays,
Do you have a light?

In walks a moon-eyed vibrating kid,
“I’m weird”
I say,
“No you’re not”
He looks confused,
Dancing on the wrong foot,

Me & the rat watch & wait,
The kid grinds to a halt,
Crunches gears,
Comes back at me,
“Why are you so calm?”
He starts to vibrate again,
Rocking from side-to-side,

Me & the rat suck our drinks up a straw,
Sit back,
Watching the world dance



Thursday 22nd June


A baggy time,
Do you want to go for a drink?
Nine o’clock,

Ten o’clock turn your phone off,
Wake up in the morning thinking,
“Oh my God, I did that for a reason”,
“You wont be seeing me today!”

Why don’t you come over the weekend?



Tuesday 20th June


She kisses him on the lips,
He kisses her on the neck,
She throws her head back laughing,
Rests a hand on his knee,
Kisses him on the lips again,
Laughs uncontrollably,

She rests her head on his shoulder,
Coughs without covering her mouth,
Kisses him again,
Speaks with low affection,
Transfixed by the thing he does with his phone,
Her coughing gets worse,
Rarely covering her mouth,
Checks her reflection in a window,
Fixes her hair,
Talk to him softly,
Cooing like a pigeon,
Coughs again,
Then kisses him



Sunday 18th June


Three girls get off a train in identical t-shirts,
Watch to see who’s looking,
As a woman gets on with a giraffe on wheels,
Fingers rub faces with tired eyes,
Lips talk to themselves,
Ears reject sound,
A whistle blows,
A cold drink is sucked up a straw,

There’s an empt can down beside the pan,
An empty box,
An empty bag,
Tissue paper strewn,
Phone numbers,
Hormonal messages written on walls,
As a woman’s voice talks like a doll to a hand