Sunday 11th November


The tiny bear transforms it’s self into a 1950’s rock n roll star,
Shaking & vibrating across a tiny stage made from tables,
Lined up along the road outside,
Where yellow lines snake to guide motorists through town,
They smile,
And wave,
And honk their horns as they drive past,
Their day brightened,
To witness such unexpected wonder,
The Muffin Man takes no notice,
Sits down,
Knees tucked under the tiny stage,
Pulls something small from his pocket,
And disappears into it,
Leaving only the shape of a man behind,
The rock n roll star turns back in a dog,
Lies down at the feet of the shape of the man,
And watches over it until he returns


Friday 9th November


I am not the Dice Man,
I’m a Dog,
Reading messages carried on the wind,
Every day is a shining star,

I’m the Walker,
The Weaver,
Inverting rainbows,

I’m gluten free,
I contain no sesame seeds,
What time is good?


Tuesday 6th November


All the Red chairs & the Black chairs are empty,
All the single me eat alone,
Rabbits in the headlights,
At the end of days,
Drenched in the sound of laughing couples,
Banging bottles,
Here comes another one,
Single hair shaved close above the ears,
A cruel stare for a cold night in town