Friday 31st July



Happy in newmoon shimmer, I slept like a sleeper. The corn a
whispering moat, protecting the house. Woke up plugged in,
electric, nothing too much trouble. Drive, cafe, porridge, tea,
notebook. Bluesky words fall easy onto the page.


Thursday 30th July



There’s a butter-wouldn’t-melt woman sitting in the window
dressed as Picasso with a punnet full of Summer Berries &
ears full of wires. She doesn’t order anything, bobs her
to a latin beat with distracted eyes, taking pictures of
the street with her cell phone. Girls in floral shorts
walk past, as shaved headed men drop their jaws, oblivious
to me watching.Tourists wearing Union Jacks walk loud for
pictures in the sun as the woman in the window takes a
long time to deposit something she conceals in the bin –
suddenly leaving. I’ve finished the porridge, the notebook
has eaten, there’s tea in the bottom of the cup. But that bin
worries me, I have a premonition, a tingling sensation,
packing up fast I leave.


Wednesday 29th July



Some kind’ve bugthing? Exhaustion? Lazy waster?
The body started rebelling as I rode the train
out’ve the Emerald City, deep-sleeping on the
Blue Velveteen. Dipping in-&-out of the flawed
yet still inspiring ‘Imagine’, identifying with
the’The Outsider’. Today, the corn glows under
slate grey clouds, coaxing light out of the sky
& bouncing it into the house as I write. The body
moans but the mind wants to dance. The-kettle-on,
my universal panacea, slows the world enough,
fixes everything.
Fingers dance across the keys, head sheds angst as
words form on the page in meditation.
Sometimes you have to leave to return, do the things
you’re too afraid to do in order to be free of fear,
comfort kills creativity, but for today, hits the spot
for a body in free fall.


Tuesday 28th July



Dirty breathing in the Emerald City, dust stuck to sweat
in black & blue. Need a rest, a switch-off, a good laugh.
Trying to do too much, or not enough of the right stuff?
Stop, listen to the noise & chuckle. Up at 4:00am, scare
a pigeon off the roof outside my bedroom window, hooting,
inconsiderate. Well, if that’s the limit of all my troubles
I’ll take that as a bargain.


Monday 27th July



Every time we touch down back in England I chuckle, it’s spontaneous,
an involuntary action. Every time we cross the boarder into Essex
the face celebrates with a grin. Last night we sat out on the porch,
resting our ears, listening to the rain, the rich aroma of healing
‘Green’, soothing as calamine lotion after being ravaged, riding the
aircon gauntlet again. Moths dance around the porch light,
a supercharged snail crosses just in front of your feet, a beetle,
black as a hole, hurries back into shadow. We talk low & soft about
nothing & everything. I should be in bed for an early start, but
sitting here listening to your voice in the rain is the best rest
I’ve had in days.


Sunday 26th July



What’s that jam stuff you got on your bread with cheese-eggs,
sausage-cheese, cheese-cornflakes? Seven black teas later I
eventually get the ‘hit’, feeling that first astringent bight of
the weekend. In the breakfast ballroom, where last night’s wedding
party still raged at 4:00am, I sit alone with my friend the giant
flower as far from speed-talking, leaning into the torrent from
each other’s mouths across the linen. They got control of the
flat-screen on the wall today, the morning infecting with poptastic
saccharin. The DJ’s & their girlfriends float in dazed, whispering
& clean, grazing the buffet of weird things. An old man presses his
face up to the window, cups his hands around his eyes & stares.
The waiter with the blue satin cummerbund opens the door to chase
him away, but he’s already gone. I Feel a fresh air kiss for the
first time last time before we tumble back into the sky.
Imagining the polyrhythmic magic of George Formby’s wrist.


Saturday 25th July



Listening to Levon Helm to counter kick drum overkill
hammering across the fields at 7:00am. I doze for an hour
until happy adrenaline-hyped DJ’s come home laughing loud &
turn it up next door. Their girlfriends haunt the corridors,
shuttling sheepish between rooms, averting their eyes as I
head to breakfast. Into a vast & empty room, a sea of linen
& giant flowers. A banquet of untouched pick-ables beneath
a flatscreen tv. It pumps inane music videos into the morning,
jamming all my frequencies. My mate Malcolm walks in smiling,
makes the coffee machine hiss more beautiful than these rattling
poptones, but the waitresses are angels, they understand.
When I ask they smile & quietly turn off the music . Silence,
Hallelujah! Words form in my head & I remember who I am.
We laugh to the song of teaspoons dancing in cups.
There’ll be time enough for kickdrums.