Sunday 28th August



I interrupt a coat hanger hanging on a mirror, suffer bell alarms
waiting on the runway for the sky to open.

Hot Johnie Ginger. Blue features nothing.
Fully charged gear, Gold Lulu accessories.
Pandora wildflower, daisy chain, baby-G.
Topical symmetry. Three-way sticker growing
gorgeous sonic systems. Luxury traveller,
infinite extras. Sweet treat miracle worker.
Snap charm double taker. Toy city, new island
neighbourhood, fast & invisible tapes around
your waste.

Boredom be my guide.


6 thoughts on “Sunday 28th August

  1. …know what you mean, live here a while now, ..masked, remasked, hard shell, unemotional red/white nation,so much waisted potentiality,,could be less Xenophobic,,, time shall tell…
    You delived a Bomba da gig,, Sat.27th, 2016, this date will not be forgotten, as it was my first and I know won´t be the last, I already knew your music since the 90s ,, so when hearing it live,,saw mayas-kelts-zulus,inkas etc dancing the skies of Zürich,, my happiest day of the year..what you pumpped-out was audible(of course)loudible)?,,..what it felt in my guts,,can`t tell U yet, I´m still digesting it all,,,still, in my still day of today ,taken the morning free to sass it all, recovering also form 2 days cooking for my partner 50s, B`day,, more then 40 people at home, Ceviche n Pisco Sour were their favourite,,, in stillness I reflex my last w/end n the rest, although I feel dead tired but very Happy*,, listening the birds chipping and smile at the hope of our sobbing Planet.,,,.REWINING to Sat. ,,,it started to rain, my partner n 2 mates left .so no to get nass, can u believe it?,, it was blidding hot that day anyway,,Danced under the rain,,had so much place to jump about,, your GIG plus the dropping-dripping sky was pure ecxtacy, can`t get more psychodelic than that,,(no chemical in me), just a puff and sips of cuba libres/// had a FAB time,/// CHEERS for that UNDERWOLD*****

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