Tuesday 11th October



A white van reversed,
A face on a stick,
A stick in a fist,
A fist sending messages.

An open door,
A warm welcome,
A flash of lycra,
A hand held to an ear.

A smile leaving a building,
A big man dressed in Pink,
A stagger,
A stare.

A pocket full of receipts,
A finger itching,
A sign for men & women,
A fellow member of the stripe clan.

A slow motion driver,
Another one in lycra,
A hunter,
A close cropped haircut.

A nervous driver,
A bouncing walker,
A confidence,
A clean cut.

A smile walks in,
A fist in a pocket,
A drifting phonecaller,
A sockless shoe.

A chain on a bag,
A doll in a pram,
A mother’s stress,
A bandage on a wrist,

A French stick broken,
A confident father,
A tribe of children,
A redvan driver.

An iron jaw,
An undefined sexuality,
A leg of three stripes,
Another mouth talking to a hand.

A glance,
A fleeting thrill,
A plastic bag of love.


6 thoughts on “Tuesday 11th October

  1. Yikes! Flowercide on an epic scale
    We didn’t want to come
    We wanted to stay in the dirt
    No be dressed-up like
    Some kinda silly bunch

    Initial gasp, then nothing
    We’ll sit and rot and smell of wee
    Congratulations, I love you
    ‘Ere these will turn to wee in no time!
    Do you love me now?

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