Wednesday 9th November



Austerity measures cut-backs, dressed in raven black, the messenger
laughs a hot one.
Missed the last train home to something warm, caught a taxi,
swerving midnight drunks underneath the rails.
Loner’s door opens, stares into space, caught after closing time
by tourists snapping smiles.
Pictures, so excited just to be hear in the rain, the trainer’s stain.

Moon Duo – ‘Cold Fear


7 thoughts on “Wednesday 9th November

    • I just had to check back in Mr. Hyde’s blog to see how people reacted to this day. I’m a fan of his work just as you are, but I specifically voted for the outcome you saw on that day. Heck, I was out on the streets of my community in the weeks before, volunteering my time and energy to get out the vote (in my precarious swing state) for the (as of now) US President-elect. While so many fell to pieces on that day in a maelstrom of media conglomerate manufactured disgust and fear, there were millions breathing a hearty sigh of deep and overwhelming relief. I counted myself among the latter group, and still do. The dawn crackling over the horizon that morning resonated in my heart. I knew there was still so much to do, but in that moment – yes, a tangible sense of both accomplishment and genuine optimism.

      I don’t look away at those of you on the other side of this. You’re still human beings, just like (believe it or not) I am. I see you’re hurt and lashing out and crying and raging and wailing and smashing things into the wall. I know how you feel. I’ve been there. I don’t like seeing you suffering, but I believe this is all for the best. One day, I sincerely hope you’ll come around.

      You can hate me if it makes you feel better, and I suppose it would be easy for me to return the favor………………….but I think we’re better than that.

      If you’re here reading this blog, there’s definitely something of an artistic streak in your soul. So many of you are so creative and passionate – I can respect, admire and empathize with that.

      Keep creating and striving, because you have so much potential, and the world deserves to see what gifts you have to bear.

      I will do the same, and continue to create.
      To communicate in a way that mere words cannot fathom…..

      • I would lay down my life to allow you to believe whatever you like, that is what freedom means. I may not agree with you but I respect your right to have your own beliefs and leanings. I see my American friends in turmoil and it doesn’t please me at all. I still have hope for a better world and you do too, more will be revealed. Love and peace to you.

  1. Slide show waiting for ignition
    Won’t see much in the dark
    My oh my it’s Trump
    We’re not used to politicians being honest
    Even if it is hate
    We usually prefer hidden agendas
    And quiet hate
    Maybe we’ll have to face up to it now

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