Monday 25th September


Fierce hope,
Chaos beards,
Beauty crying,
Sugar harmonium,
Painted worker,
Reversing paper,
Slam Apolo,
Cherry beam,
Darwin copper,
Dancing improviser,
Original peel,
Cold digger,
Skinny reader,
Fractured honey,
Frustration accumulation,
Liable names,
Puppet cartoon,
Time calls,
Still smell,
Gold progress,
Breakfast changes,
Ritual alarms,
Intimacy once,
Right good,
Medicated air,
Security line,
Remembered tragic,
Face what?
Up out,
Undone story,
Muppet yeah,
Bold hand,
Rhythm kisses,
Weekend blinks,
Dance talking,
Face raisins,
Selling manifestos,
Breaking beginning,
Bees twisted,
Glass ride,
Seconds cast,
Boy box,
Petals superfine,
City track,
Yet simplicity,
Touch sounds,
Hands milk,
Am taken,
Sweet-things again,
Underway comes,
Great yet?
Lemon childhood,
Something guarantees,
Help sunshine,
Bollards mix,
Story down,
Kitchen feet,
Howling flowers,
Invisible Mars,
You? word,
Papers? happens,
Oh outside,
Beautiful yard,
Sweet blood,
Satin lips,
Underground childhood,
33 backlash,
Smiles Black-shoe,
White walker,
Slide rain,
Jelly sleeping,
Breathing tickets,
Started brooding,
Mouth love,
Chicago working,
Street deaf,
Waitress away,
Man cup,
Waitress day,
Flicker point,
T.V it,
Dynamic empties,
Around doing,
Good Purple,
Perfect good,
Sunlight kinder,
Loaded time,
Man out,
Wall us,
One sky,
Crow feet,
Shuddering room,
Air it,
Goes weeds,
Wait frustrating,
Soon lid,
Something wheel,
Inclined self,
Wood better,
Completely key,
Waves exposed,
Lens safe,
Attention flossing,
Water hissing,
Missile tourist,
You shoes,
Day me,
Honey it,
Disco flowers,
Insects electricity!
Room normal,
River else,
Else eating,
Leaving question,
Happy latte?
Fabulous low



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