Thursday 5th October


The cup,
Sits like a giraffe in Blue,
Waterproof for the season,
Rocking back-&-forth,
Never sits still,

A woman sings,
‘Ain’t no rest for the wicked’

Do you need help,
Not a plastic spoon thrown down?

Drive these puzzles out my head,

Got anything to say,
Sat there pressing buttons?

Big man in a washed-out Nasa t-shirt crossing the road,
Thanks for the noise upon waking,
You bring me up,
My first laugh,
Nothing bad,

Beware machines with wheels,
Driven by bleary-eyed drifters,
First thing,

I’m not ready to commit to anything,
Don’t call me yet,
You wont like the answer,
You can laugh at that if you want to,
I would,
If I was you



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