Sunday 6th April


You’re electric
A stain on time
A mark
A word for me to find
You’re so complete
You’ve got everything 
I think you’ll find 
You’re in my seat 

3 thoughts on “Sunday 6th April

  1. I´m not sure coming generations will have the same interpretation since references and norms that steer our minds are changing with time, as it always did. The effect will perhaps not be the same.
    But only the brave dare the challenge, those who know the truth. Those who know where creations like words, tones or paintings come from and seen a glimpse of the why. The rest is up to humanity and its own agenda that no one can do anything about anyway.
    Keep on writing Karl, no fear 🙂

    Can’t You See . . .?
    You’re Just Another Part Of Me

  2. From the album ‘Electric’

    You walk in and LIGHT UP the room.
    Brighter and Brighter and Brighter You Burn.
    When you’re in this mood, there’s no return.
    Fluorescent Incandescent

    (Everybody) Jack & Joy

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