Friday 27th June



I wish I had a lifestyle, things keep getting in the way,
every object obscures another. The positivity of absence,
music & sound scattered like islands. Painting with colour,
wasting my essence on the desert air, swearing so beautifully.
I can’t tell where the music ends & the world begins, if I
could make music like that it would be another story,
a science fiction story.

Listening to ‘Maelstrom’ by Stain Westerhus & pale horses


2 thoughts on “Friday 27th June

  1. ….there was this lemon and the apple and the orange too

    Have I told you about Lemon Planet, the start-up company I joined 2000?
    We developed a security product for the wounded IT business.
    That was the year when I had to leave everything artistic. What an interrupt! Like one big coitus interruptus. I have learned to live with it but I still dream.

    Dreaming about Jon Hopkins’ Collider and Open Eye Signal with the Mother Of The Dog’s guitar

    and your fingers
    between mine. ❤

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