Friday 4th July



On the hottest day of the year a man in a wool hat waits on the
platform drinking coffee from a mug he brought from home. He’s
festooned in headphones & wires, a low slung record bag & stubble.
A teenage girl smells up wind of a whole cosmetics department,
skinny in pastel. Concealing her complexion beneath a porcelain
veneer of city slap, heavy leather bag, half her size & three gold
On the train, the man in the wool hat cracks his knuckles, tapping
his Apple, a smart phone with a shattered screen receives a
constant stream of messages, attracting his glances as he sniffs
& sneezes across from me. This train isn’t stopping in the usual
places, it’s ten minutes late, it’s jumping the rails. Old women
stagger off in shock when it’s stops, looking around like they’ve
arrived on  another planet – frightened & confused. They smell very
different to the porcelain girl who’s peach legs protrude into the
sun from behind the heavy grey legs of her travelling companion,
his face concealed by the news.The woolhead man peers into the tiny
shattered screen, transfixed by tiny ice skaters pirouetting in


2 thoughts on “Friday 4th July

  1. Hey Karl, would like to discuss a Sept 2014 London event with you which will look at the relationship between technology and music. We have some very cool companies and speakers committed to speaking and would like you to consider it to! Thanks for reading this. | @musictank

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